Why should you see this film?

• The adventure of the seventh month:
A MONTH OF HUNGRY GHOSTS is a 95 minute supernatural adventure across the island of Singapore spanning 30 days of the seventh lunar month.  You have NEVER before seen the Hungry Ghost Festival presented quite like it is in this film.  You WILL see it in a different light upon viewing the film.  If you are an expat visiting or living in Singapore... you simply MUST see this film and experience A MONTH OF HUNGRY GHOSTS firsthand.  Interested in Asian culture, religion, the supernatural, superstitions, ghosts?

• Filming the "impossible":
This is the film many Singaporeans said couldn't be made.  "They (the spirits) don't want it to be made," is what we were told.  We beg to differ.  We feel like we were truly guided in order to accomplish the final completion of the film.  We were led down an undeniably amazing path of coincidences during the filmming.  The spirits do want the film to be made.  They do want their story to be told!

• More than just getai and burnt offerings:
You will not only see the standard getai and street opera performances and go backstage and meet the personalities involved, you will also see very rare rituals, get personal insights from believers and non-believers, and go to places you would never otherwise go - like the Chinese cemetery at 3am to see mediums in trance and get lucky numbers... and more!

• Invitation of the Spirits:
You will see the rare Invitation of the Spirits ceremony deep in the forest and you will witness the amazing footage that our cameras captured at the "invitation" as well as lots of other nighttime hungry ghost footage (as opposed to all the broad daylight footage in the TV news.)

• The Story of Mu-Lien:
You will learn the story of Mu-Lien, who journeyed to hell in order to save his mother and you will see ancient scrolls come alive in order to tell the story and how it relates to the seventh month.

• Journey to hell and back:
You will take a safe but somewhat unsettling  journey to Chinese hell and back and learn how to avoid such pitfalls in the future.

• Relation to world events:
You will discover not only the underlying motivations behind the Hungry Ghosts Month, but you will also learn how it is related to current world events.  You might begin to see the seventh lunar month "hungry ghosts" practices in an entirely different light.

• Words of wisdom:
From Tibetan Buddhist Lamas to Taoist Masters, you'll hear some words of wisdom about life, luck and of course, the Hungry Ghost Month.  Yes, you'll gain some educational tidbits, but I promise it will be quite painless and entertaining!  The film is balanced with the vibrant sights and sounds of the festival and your eyes will be in for a treat as well.

• Lucky numbers:
Ah yes, where would we be without lucky numbers?  There are at least 4 four-digit lucky numbers for 4D lottery that appear in the movie.  These all appear by chance and it's just something we've noticed after editing the film.  One 4D number is actually revealed through a late-night cemetery ritual.  Rest assured, we are buying 4D tickets for the lucky numbers in the film this seventh month!

• Paranormal investigators:
Learn about Singapore's paranormal investigative groups and what they do, as well as their scientific theories about "hungry ghosts" and "pretas."  Members of both the Singapore Paranormal Investigators and the Society of Paranormal Investigators are featured in the film.  The Society of Paranormal Investigators will also be giving away "feebies" during the premiere weekend screenings at Vivo City's Cinema Europa, August 7-9.

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